Clarity from Complexity; 3D Animations for NXP iMX Processor

Client: NXP Semiconductors

Modern production and quality control systems are extremely complex, and involve layers of hardware working in unison. Demonstrating this level of complexity and multitude of interactions in a visual form is a challenge. Digital Imaging Group provides the solution with 3D animations that display the facets of a complex process in a clear and clean way. In these CGI Animations for NXP iMX Processor, DIG creates a clear and convenient way to show a multitude of complex interactions in an easy to understand presentation.

Type: 3D Environments, 3D Imagery, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics

3D Animation; Answering the Challenges of Visual Presentation

3D animation is a great way to show products in action. Likewise, it’s true for complicated individual parts that work together. NXP Semiconductors is a worldwide business, focusing on technology and software that people interact with every day. Similarly, they connect them to create a seamless experience, creating value for customers. As a result, a challenge is presented; demonstrating the benefits to an assembly line, customer service applications in a retail environment, or consumer focused improvements to the smart home and car environment. 3D product visualization provides a great visual format that easily shows these detailed interplays.

Creating CGI Animations to Meet Client Needs

With a complex set of product applications, NXP needed a simple visual summary of their services. As a result, Digital Imaging Group Houston created 3D animations with these goals in mind. These 3D product visualizations show these products in four different environments. In this set of 3D product animation rendering, a consistent visual tone is maintained. In addition, visual distinctions for each 3D video creates variety. Digital Imaging Group works in close consultation with clients to achieve the desired visual tone and style. Most importantly, we focus on the goals and intentions of the client. The result is an impactful 3D animation presentation. The challenge of communicating the complex becomes achievable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Providing Technology, Skill, and Experience

In short, a 3D animation is the sum total of many challenging requirements that require knowledge of the latest in CGI rendering technology, artistic application of 3D modeling and 3D environments, and professional communication that comes from decades of experience. Digital Imaging Group Houston is proud to offer these services, as we continue to provide solutions to our clients.

3D Animation for NXP

CGI created by Digital Imaging Group Houston LLC

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