Photo Retouching Fire, Water, and Falls

Client: Dell EMC

Digital Imaging Group delivers impactful photo retouching, putting a spotlight on the Dell EMC rugged tablet facing the worst nature has to offer. Retouching services enhance the presentation and focus of this series, telling a simple story; these products are built for extremes.

Type: Lifestyle Imagery, Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching Refines the Dramatic Intent

Photoshop retouching provides the ability to enhance all images, even those that are impressive straight from the studio. Dell EMC shot a set of stunning images of their Rugged PC product lineup. Working with fire, water, and difficult balancing acts, the durability of the products are portrayed in a visually powerful way. Even after a successful photo shoot, however, there is still work to be done to get the finished look today’s media environment demands. Digital Imaging Group Houston is here to deliver that part of the process with professional aplomb.

Photo Editing Closes the Gap From Shoot to Presentation

Photoshop continues to expand the ability to create the image you want, from small to large changes that need to be made after the shoot is done. Take a look at the series of before and after images, and the difference is immediately clear. Some changes are big, like adding running blades to a drone and removing wires, and some are small, like removing distracting elements from the background. Either way, these changes make a huge difference to the finished work, and that’s a difference that clients and potential customers recognize.

Photoshop Retouching Communicates Core Brand Propositions Clearly

Photo editing is vital. Clients and customers take in enormous amounts of visual information every day, so your imagery has to be attention grabbing, clear, and deliver the story quickly. It’s a process that’s taken into consideration from conception, to creation, refinement, and finally presentation to the public. Digital Imaging Group Houston is here to work with you, making sure the story you tell is presented with dynamic contrast, composition, and color. Telling the story of your products is hugely important, and we’ll bring that story to the finish line.

Photo Retouching Dell EMC

Produced by Digital Imaging Group LLC

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