Pioneers in Digital Multimedia Production

Precision, consistency, and attention to detail are the ultimate forces behind what we do here at DIG. We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of digital imaging and CGI technology, all the while maintaining the quality for which we’re known around the world.

Your identity is your first impression. The integrity of your business’s legacy and how it’s perceived by the world is paramount. Where ID correct product representations mean your presence is on the line, you want someone you can trust backing you. We have been producing marketing ready images for products for over four decades now. We still treat every image, whether a render out of a computer or a photo from a camera, as equals in our attention to detail when it comes time to deliver the final image.

Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

DigitalImaging Group was founded in 1978 as Gilbert Retouching Service in Houston, Texas. From its inception, DIG has concentrated on the final vision of our clients’ concept. Our job is to take the artistic vision of our clients and provide the highest quality finished artwork possible. In addition, DIG has the capacity to handle high-volume product and brand imagery for web or catalog. As a result, we have grown into an international art house managing both high-end artistic vision and large volume quality control.

Whether we’re working with high-end photographic manipulation, CG/3D modeling, or animating multimedia—whatever the media format or finished product may be—we make sure our clients are just as satisfied with the process along the way as they are with the final result

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