Since 1978
DigitalImaging Group was founded in 1978 as Gilbert Retouching Service. Our founders hard work and dedication to quality and service has led us to be the consistent imaging and creative solution our clients can rely on.

To this day we continue to evolve and apply our founders principle of excellence to our complete line of services.

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Complete Solutions
Your identity is your first impression. The integrity of your business’s legacy and how it’s perceived by the world is paramount. Where ID correct product representations mean your presence is on the line, you want someone you can trust backing you.
Creative Artistry
Whether it's for the web, medium format print or large scale billboard-sized imagery, astute attention to detail is of utmost importance. Our creative artists are high-end skilled professionals, trained to work with a vast array of media ranging from analog derived photographs/scans, to complex CAD models.
Trusted Infrastructure
With that cutting edge new product teetering on the cusp of launch day, 20 new product deadlines culminating concurrently, and over 300 client e-mails a day swirling around in your head, you have a lot of things on your plate. The last thing you need is not being able to access your assets.

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