3D Video Demonstrating ATD Dynamics Trailer Tail

Client: ATD Dynamics

Visual communication of products and how they operate is crucial to showing real world benefit to new customers. When dealing with invisible forces like wind and pressure, 3D video is a perfect solution. Digital Imaging Group works closely with clients to create 3D video that explains product features with clarity and ease. Here, ATD Dynamics demonstrates the efficiencies achieved through their Trailer Tail product with a custom 3D video by Digital Imaging Group.

Type: 3D Environments, 3D Imagery, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics

3D Animation – Show, Don’t Tell, the Benefits of Your Product

An invaluable part of today’s advertising and product media environment, CGI Animation has opened up a new world of possibility when it comes to demonstrating your products, and the incredible value delivered. ATD Dynamics, an industry leader in efficiency technology, needs to display the incredible added benefit of their Trailer Tail to industry consumers.  Considering the limitations of traditional videography, and the added expense of post-production sweeteners to deliver the intended message, 3D video reveals the cost effective solution.

3D Product Animation is the Most Dynamic Option for Your Business

A tractor trailer, traveling at speed, down a sunlit highway in the mountains. A visual explanation of the forces of high pressure resistance and low-pressure vacuums on drag. A side by side comparison of an 18 wheeler with the ATD Trailer Tail, and one without traveling in a variety of weather conditions. Beauty shots of the Trailer Tail, with a pleasant presentation of several viewpoints in a clean, aesthetic visual style. Digital Imaging Group Houston works with clients to meet these kind of specific needs, using the latest technology, deep experience in business media, and a focus on quality.

CGI Animation Rendering Services for Your Media Needs

Digital Imaging Group Houston is proud to provide the very best in 3D Animation services to our clients. From 18 wheelers on the open road, to hi tech devices, we have years of experience in all areas of 3D Product Rendering. We work closely with clients to deliver the specific needs, look, and feel needed to make a product stand out aesthetically, all while communicating the practical benefits with concise clarity. Contact us today to see how we can help your media strategy deliver beautiful results.

3D Animation for ATD Dynamics

CGI created by Digital Imaging Group LLC

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