Beautiful Transitions, Spectacular Presentation; 3D Environment Animations by DIG

Client: Hunter Fan Company

Digital Imaging Group is proud to product cutting edge 3D animations that capture the brilliance and natural ambiance of beautiful interior environments. We use top of the line technology, 3D artists with extensive experience, and a commitment to quality to deliver CGI animation that will capture your customers' attention every time.

Type: 3D Environments, 3D Imagery, 3D Modeling, Animation

3D Animation Environments, a Visual Path

3D animation environments deliver a smooth and pleasant visual journey to showcase your products and their possibilities for customers. This is a tranquil option that excels in presenting Hunter Fans, which evokes a feeling a restfulness and ease in the home. CGI animation is able to render the ideal lighting, the natural materials, and the smooth movement through a modern home that creates the perfect mood and setting. The lighting, the setting of the environment, these are so much more than place settings; they can change the way a customer sees and feels about your product. It’s an ironic contrast that CGI rendering can create the natural qualities and properties of beautiful light and surroundings. These are tools and techniques that add real and undefinable quality to your media and advertising images, and with Digital Imaging Group Houston, you put them to use.

CGI Product Animation, Limitations Eliminated

As you watch the animation move toward the house and among the many rooms, think about this interesting fact: this would be all but impossible using traditional video. Being able to view an object from a different perspective allows you to consider it in a new way, and more thoughtfully. This is a fantastic way to engage your customers and potential clients in a way that makes them stop for a moment, and pay attention. Far from an everyday eye level experience, the camera takes the viewer around the fans, in a variety of realized rooms, and a slow, graceful camera pan shows the form in movement. These are things we may take for granted in the world of 3D product rendering, but consider the limitations that have been lifted by these amazing tools; Digital Imaging Group Houston is here to help you harness that potential.

Elegant Product Presentation, Visual Value

3D product animation is the end result of many different technologies, software, and the experience of skilled 3D artists that comes together to create a seamless whole. As with anything worthwhile, truly great end results require many different talents and tools come together to create something unique and remarkable. Here at Digital Imaging Group Houston, we are proud to bring together these element of technology, software, and experience to deliver truly one of a kind value to our current and future clients.

3D Animation for Hunter Fan

CGI created by Digital Imaging Group LLC

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